Co-operation Department, Government of West Bengal
  • (033) 2262-7023
  • New Secretariat Building
  • 1, Kiran Sankar Roy Road, Kol:700001
  • Playing a significant role in socio-economic
    development of the State

    ◉ 30,000 Cooperative Societies, ◉ 87 lakh Members,
    ◉ 3.9 crore people, ◉ Catering to 40% of the population in West Bengal
  • Empowering women
    of the state

    ◉ 2 lakh SHGs, ◉ 25 lakh SHG Members
    ◉ 15 lakh Credit linked SHG Members ◉Rs.1650 crore Loan issued to SHGs during 2021-22
  • Soft loan to Small & Marginal Farmers

    ◉ Rs.4500 crore Crop Loan issued during 2021-22
    ◉ To 14 lakh farmers ◉ ATM-enabled Rupay Kisan Card
  • Facilitating rural economic growth

    ◉ 20,000 Direct Employment
    ◉ 20 lakh indirect employment generation
  • Doorstep banking facility

    ◉ 59 Cooperative Banks ◉ 462 Branches ◉ 1359 Customer Service Points
    ◉ Modern banking facilities including ATM, RTGS, NEFT
  • Financial Services through

    ◉ 2240 Deposit Mobilizing PACS ◉ 158 Urban Credit Cooperatives
    ◉ 103 Women Credit Cooperatives
  • Strengthening Rural Infrastructure

    Strengthening Rural Infrastructure

    ◉ 7.56 lakh MT Rural Godown Capacity ◉ 3.56 lakh MT Cold Storage Capacity
    ◉ 60 Seed Processing Units

Welcome to the
Co-operation Department Government of West Bengal

Co-operative Movement in the State of West Bengal is founded on effective frame-work of legislation and strong organizational network. Co-operatives are playing a significant role in socio-economic development of the state of West Bengal.

Co-operation Department is constantly endeavoring in strengthening the Cooperative Movement of the State through appropriate policy interventions.Co-operation Department provides proper guidance and support to different co-operative institutions of the State for strengthening their capital base... Read More
Smt. Mamata Banerjee (C.M. W.B.)

From the Desk of Hon'ble MIC, Cooperation Department

Hon'ble MIC, Cooperation Department

In a state heavily dependant upon agriculture, cooperatives are a way of life in West Bengal. The importance of cooperative societies as a State Subject has always been felt in this state as is evident in the changes brought about in the State Act over the years. In order to provide both fillip and autonomy to cooperatives,the role of the state has been redefined to promote and guide cooperative organisations.

West Bengal was one of the first states to implement the 97th Constitutional Amendment in its true spirit; it has been at the forefront in the matter of entrusting its cooperatives with provision of banking services in unbanked Gram Panchayats, allowing them to achieve financial inclusion in the cooperative way. Read More

Transparency is the key to success and so is the need to present data and project growth in a systematic and regular manner. The endeavours of the co-operators, as reflected in the financial statements of cooperative organisations and other forms of qualitative data, need be highlighted as such organisations are accountable to the people who have conceived and shaped it. It is also necessary to develop a mobile platform through which the role of cooperative movement can be viewed in an ongoing manner. It is also felt that the upheavals in the economy vis-a-vis the influence of cooperatives upon the small and marginal farmers in particular are brought into sharp focus.

Everything is subject to shifts and changes. Same with cooperation movement as more and more services are brought under the ambit of cooperatives. Better services demand qualitative changes and the need to upgrade and modernise. In the days ahead, this vision will grow bigger as a plethora of activities are carried out by the cooperatives under the leadership of the State Executive. Long live cooperation. Hide


From the Desk of Secretary, Cooperation Department

Secretary, Cooperation Department

Cooperatives have played a significant role in our lives. Initially a movement for ensuring supply of unadulterated foodstuffs at fair prices in Europe has now become a huge tree offering myriads of services to the people.

Co-operatives, a state subject, under the Indian Constitution have trudged a long way since the first legislation in 1904. Over the years, however the basic theme has been greater inclusion, stronger participation and strengthening of resources for sustenance. Read More

Presently in West Bengal we are having 30,811 Cooperative Societies including 5807 PACS, 1715 Consumer Co-operatives. Apart from these, there are Co-operatives under the fold of Fisheries, Dairies and Tribal Development Department. There are 83 cooperative banks of different categories under the Department.
The figures however are dynamic.
Essential shift from the consumer movement to the credit movement has endowed the co-operatives with a different dimension and made them bedrock for the common people. The latest shift has given a boost to the economy of the nation and that of the state of West Bengal.
A fresh paradigm shift is in the offing. We are trying to make the co-operatives more transparent and effective through massive computerisation of the primary societies on one hand and secondly ensure professional management through capacity building of the Human resources there.
All these efforts will be highlighted in this Departmental website. The website will be interactive and so all sorts of suggestions are welcome. A grievance recording and redressal corner is also there.
"ayamarambho subhayu bhabatu!" Hide

Apex Co-operative Societies

Central Co-operative Banks

Success Stories

New Initiative

With an objective to improve the socio-economic condition of the rural people of Kalimpong district by encouraging one of their main livelihood, homestay tourism, Darjeeling District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd. took initiative to promote Kalimpong District Homestay Tourism Cooperative Society Ltd. by exploring various opportunities for sustainable development of the members through tourism in collective approach and its wide marketing through web-based platform The Tourism Cooperative Society was registered on 06/01/2022 with Registration No. 04/KPG/2021-2022 and it is the first Homestay Tourism Cooperative in West Bengal.
Traditionally homestay tourism business in Hills of Kalimpong is running through agents, sub-agents and lack at proper publicity, especially for newly established homestays is an inherent weakness. Hence, the main focus of this project is the promotion of homestay tourism in the district of Kalimpong and its wide marketing through web-based platform and to explore various opportunities to generate much more revenue in collective approach. The web-based platform is a single application platform for all registered homestays across Kalimpong district. Tourists can search their favourite destination with cosy homestay arrangement having good service offerings and regular amenities including clean and secured rooms, attach bathroom, availability of good food, room service, supply of cold / hot water, room heater (during winter), ceiling / cabin fan, power backup etc.
This project will help homestay owners to diversify their existing business and ensure overall economic growth of the villages of Kalimpong district through cooperatives.

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